The Liberation Institute has been offering the beautiful tradition of Yoga to various populations for the past fifteen years. We cut our teeth teaching yoga to those in drug and alcohol recovery treatment settings beginning in 2007. We have now added to our mission by working in multiple prisons.

We believe everyone can benefit from thIS practice. Join us for one of our public events, TRAININGS OR WORKSHOPS. YOUR ATTENDANCE AND INTEREST helpS support FUTURE programming.

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The Yoga of Krishnamacharya can mean many things. After all he is the forefather of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Power, and Integral Yoga. Here at the Liberation Institute we offer a classical yoga teacher training with a focus on traditional Vinyasa Yoga. We believe Yoga is just as applicable today as it was thousands of years ago. We also believe it needs no meddling. Expect vigorous, energetic, flowing classes with intelligent sequencing and a whole lot of heart.



The majority of the population is existing in the stress response. Not only does this lower rates of longevity and increase rates of disease but it drains the joy and happiness from life. Our hope is to bring healing and restoration to those in need of rest, and all those we meet. Join us for a restorative event or workshop and find some much needed peace and a higher quality of life..



We are all vibrational beings. In our overworked and overindulged society its next to impossible to turn off our minds. Our methodology has always included sacred sound to combat the effects of a busy lifestyle. Whether you are drawn to the polishing effects of Sanskrit mantra or the grounding energy of drums, we have you covered.



Visiting faculty come one to two times a year - for one to two days at a time to offer specialized educational blocks. these wonderful humans travel to the maine state prison to participate in our nationally accredited 200 hour yoga teacher training.


we are so thankful for the amazing talent and kindness exhibited by our visiting faculty teachers. these individuals have visited us for the last two years sharing their expertise in yoga with our msp students.

thank you to -

kathy mcnames of yoga vermont for teaching ashtanga yoga & philosophy. kathy has supported us since way back in 2014 when the seed of this programming sprouted. kathy graduated a small yoga teacher training cohort at the chittenden regional correctional women’s facility in burlington, vermont in 2018. we are excited that kathy will be offering ashtanga blocks in our mago yoga teacher training in 2020.

melanie burns of wicked good yoga and anatomy trains for sharing power & yin yoga. She has fulfilled all LI a&P training requirements and has gifted our first graduating class with fascia materials and jade yoga mats.

bill & denise barry of mantravijaya for offering mantra training and puja. bill and denise travel from western massachusetts to share the namadeva Acharya tradition of sanskrit puja- mantra, slokas, bhajan, and ritual with our students.

lauren eckstrom & travis eliot of holistic yoga flow. these two have traveled all the way from across the country in california to offer blocks in their methodology, including meditation and HYF beginner sequencing. in 2015 travis’ ultimate yogi dvd found its way into solitary confinement at msp. we are so thankful for this full circle synchronicity where travis and lauren now come in person to teach our students holistic yoga flow.