This 200 hour yoga teacher training has blossomed my understanding of yoga to a level far beyond what I previously knew existed. I am, however, far from knowing what I would like to know. There are vast amounts of material surrounding yoga and its practices. That is one thing that I am optimistic about i.e. I will hardly have difficulty finding material or resources to further my yogic education.

There were some pitfalls that we encountered during this training. I personally feel that my short attention span was a partial impediment to the progress of the class, and I have sincerely been trying to focus my attention on one thing at a time. In fact, that is one of the main goals of yoga (to focus the attention). There were a few personality conflicts that we had to deal with. One of the personalities quit in the beginning. Another personality that clashed with the group lasted the whole training. I am personally an agreeable person, so naturally I don’t like confrontation of any sort. I work well with most people. I do not want to work with _________ in any shape, form, or fashion in the next training. To be honest, I genuinely hope that ________ is not involved in the next training. Hopefully I am not overshooting my own character flaws.

I am interested in studying more Ayurveda as a system of living, and the philosophy underpinning its practices. I want to understand the reasoning behind the various treatments incorporated in Ayurveda. I would like to learn stone and color associations along with a strong understanding of herbs and aromatics. I want to learn how to self-diagnose, and in a general way, diagnose others for their dosha derangements.

I want to study tantra and how its growth has played a central role in the development of modern day hatha yoga. I am seriously interested in esotericism and I know from what little that I have read about tantra that it is full of mysticism, symbolism, mythology, and magical practices that transcend typical mundane affairs. I particularly am interested in learning the 36 tattwa system of tantra. I think that learning tantra will give us a greater understanding of some of the techniques we do for our sadhana, the chakra system, nadi system, and some symbolism behind much yogic literature.

I would like to spend a few hours, or at least get material on the mudra sequence that Kathy (McNames) showed us back in June, and the prayers that accompany them. I genuinely enjoy routine/ritual, and think that having an opening and closing ritual to meditation will make meditation all the much more enjoyable. Yoga Nidra is also something else I would like to learn more about. When Melanie (Burns) lead us through a nidra script for our savasana, I remember that my consciousness actually seemed to leave my physical body abruptly at times, and at those times I would suddenly jerk back from that state into a normal state of rest versus deep meditation. I want to learn yoga nidra as a means to learn how to release and accept what is, was, and will be.

As far as blocks that I would like to co-teach, I believe that I will be good at helping the new students with the language of yoga. I am personally intrigued by the various forms of language, and I understand that many will not share my enthusiasm for language, yet it is my enthusiasm that I think will motivate others to learn the material. I enjoy chanting, and hope that we incorporate more kirtan into this next training. I feel that the singing and chanting allowed us to grow stronger together, and it also helped break down personal barriers between us such as shyness. I would like to lead the next cohort in some chanting.

I would enjoy helping teach proper asana alignment, and perhaps even some adjustments. I will try my best to keep my crazy adjustment ideas to myself. So far they have not been that good. I want to help teach the Ashtanga Primary Series to give the class a firm understanding of vinyasa principles i.e. the order with which to incorporate the asana families. I also want to learn more anatomy, and help teach that as well. The sky is the limit.

Overall, I really enjoyed this training. I think the time management was superb, regardless of what _____ said. I appreciate that we were able to meet several awesome people, and I hope to continue meeting new people along while furthering relationships with the people we have already met. I can honestly say that you guys now hold a special place in my heart. Jess, you have taught me to be myself, while accepting who I am, plus a ton of awesome yoga stuff. Piers, you have taught me to listen to my heart, and not to place too much value on my own opinion. Kevin, you have showed us all that its not only possible to stay out of prison, but its also possible to get out and thrive. Thank you all for everything you have contributed. I know I may seem to have a hard time showing affection, but I want you guys to know I love you in a familial way. I hope that you see me the same way. Thank you.

Current 300 Hour Student